Heather Nicholl sitting outoors pausing for Head SpaceFor those who know me know I am normally an upbeat kind of person, always motivated and I love to inspire others to keep focused – but sometimes I need motivated too.

This past few months over lockdown I would say 98% of the time I have stayed focused by helping to keep everyone else motivated but that 2% lately has been tested.

As a small business like everyone else, there has been so many low points, so many changes and so many barriers to overcome, its been unsettling – it’s been tough.

Speaking to a client the other evening as we ran along really put everything into perspective as she said ‘it’s ok to feel down, it’s ok to feel angry, it’s ok to have off days your own human’ & she was 100% right.

Everyone has ‘off days’ & that’s OK, use these days to do nothing just chill – take time out for yourself to refocus, recharge & do whatever you need to do to feel better but never feel guilty about having these days.

For me this past week I have felt tired, I have lacked motivation but I’ve got lots of good people around me and I’ve used them for support.

I am taking part in a daily Fitness Challenge at home with a friend who waits patiently for my snap once my Workout is complete & I have also signed up for PT sessions with Ricky @ultimate_strenght_limavady.

Ricky has always been a great support with training & nutrition on the lead up to events have taken part in over the years & I’m looking forward to getting back at it – it’s time out just for me.

So yes even though I am a fitness instructor with access to my own facilities & equipment sometimes it good to have a little time out & headspace to refocus on myself & ask for a little help to get back doing what I enjoy – Training.

2020 Oh what a year.
A year of emotions and lots of fears
A year I stopped, to finally look all around.
For once in my lifetime, life seemed to slow down

The sunrises, the sunsets, the birds & the trees.
I learnt how to appreciate each one of these.
I captured the seasons all at their best
For once in my lifetime I learned how to rest.

Although I did rest, my emotions where high & memories of my past life seemed to come alive – a mixture of feelings I had to set free & for once in my lifetime it really got to me.

A moment in time, in the blink of an eye, someone so strong broke down & cried.
With a positive mindset, a heart filled with love, with good friends & family I have rose up above.

2020 Oh what a year.
A year of emotions and lots of fears
A year I stopped, to finally look all around.
For once in my lifetime I enjoyed slowing down.

By Heather Nicholl
Pulse Fitness Adventures Jan 2021


Now that lockdown rules are lifting we are free to come and go, are you ready to be released from our world we now have got to know?

Time has slowed right down for us and with that I’ve had a blast – so I’ll try not to cram so much in as I did so in the past.

I have cherished every moment, have laughed and had lots of fun, making wonderful memories that never can be undone.

Exploring the world around me, it’s the simple things in life – stopping to admire a flower or watch a bird fly out of sight.

We climbed up the mountains, we surfed in the sea, we watched shooting stars go by – it was fun times, would you agree?

We made so many fun Adventures, this lockdown made me see, that in a world of craziness it doesnt have to be.

Our life in all its glory has been simple, fun and carefree.

Stop, slow down & look around you💕


Surround yourself with happy thoughts

Instead of fears and woes

We’ve got so much to live for

In a world where worries grow


Stop, slow down & look around you

We’ve got so much beauty you should see

The hills, the mountains, the birds & the trees

Just stop for a moment to see


The sunrise in the morning

Lights up the highest peaks

Just take a moment to admire

Our mountain range is quite unique


Springtime is upon us

As buds begin to bloom

Colours of the flowers

Brighten up the darkess room


Listen to the birds sing

As they fly from tree to tree

The bees are busy pollinating

Making honey for you & me


The silence of the night sky

As the stars shine extra bright

The moon lights up the garden

It’s really is the most spectacular sight


So, surround yourself with happy thoughts

Instead of fears and woes

We’ve got so much to live for

In a world where worries grow


Heather Nicholl x

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I’m in a World of Freedom, no-one can take away, I’ve got the joy’s around me as I hike along the way.

The beauty of this landscape, the whistling of the wind, the birds singing softly – it’s better than drinking gin!

Sometimes I stop and listen, I let my mind be free – I’ve got nothing to upset me, it’s just the mountains, hills and me.

Have you ever wondered what lays beyond the hills?

Perhaps you should go wondering to see the good it does – it clears the mind of worries, helps the soul to be restored plus it’s better than any medicine the body can with hold.

I’m in a World of Freedom, on-one can take away – it clears my mind, my heart, my soul as I hike along the way.

Heather Nicholl x

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